What it’s all about

To be or not to be.... at IdeaLab! – WHU Founders’ Conference

Our home

We are very happy to host IdeaLab! – WHU Founders’ Conference at our university WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany. Vallendar is a lovely little town near the city of Koblenz.

It has been made a great place to stay by the people who live and study there and we can assure you that you will have a great time here!

Our family

Our IdeaLab! family is a very important part in organizing and hosting the conference. We are nine brothers and two sisters organizing the next conference and are greatly supported by our elder siblings who organized IdeaLab! 2014, IdeaLab! 2013 and by our very own IL! – Alumni all over the world. 

Of course we want to do way better this year ; -) 

Our university is a leading business school in Europe

WHU — Otto Beisheim School of Management is one of the best and most renowned German business schools, and enjoys an excellent international reputation.
A particularly interesting expression of the proverbial “WHU Spirit” can be found in the intellectual, cultural, and social commitment of our students. The ever-present WHU spirit, born of mutual trust, support and respect, endures long after the time spent at the business school. It prepares the individual to accept responsibility in business and society.

For more information visit www.whu.edu


Erik Buschbaum

General Manager

Daniel Schiefer

Head of Sponsoring

Fabiane Völter

Head of Participants & Communication

Head of Participants

Alexander Reichhardt

Head of Participants & Communication

Head of Participants

Alexandra Barth

Head of Organization

Adrian Getschmann

Head of Organization

Nico Szeli

Head of Finance & Fleet

Jöran Heikaus

Head of Event Technics

Jakob Wolff Martínez

Head of Marketing & PR

Philipp Werner

Head of Marketing & PR

Simon Rudat

Head of Speakers

Mauritz Quambusch

General Manager '15

Till Oltmanns

Head of Sponsoring '15

Louisa Wörle

Head of Speakers '15

Clemens Ortlepp

Head of Participants '15

Philipp Tillmann

Head of Organization '15

Konstantin Thomas

Head of Organization '15

Paul Weißbach

Head of Finance & Fleet '15

Alexander Dorth

Head of Communication & Technics '15

Head of Communications '15

Head of Communications

Julia Schulte-Laggenbeck

Head of Marketing & PR '15

Neil Schmodde

Head of Marketing & PR '15

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