2015: Speech - Dr. Marco Vietor

Our goal is to be number one worldwide and lead innovation in the hearing aid industry!

WHU alumnus Dr. Marco Vietor began his speech by passing around one of the smallest models his online hearing aid retailer audibene offers, in order to „remove the prejudice that hearing aids can be seen from 20 meters away“ (as you can see, it’s impressive how much technic fit’s into such a small device). Marco gave the audience a great look on his company’s development, and finished with some excellent advise on how to avoid early failure.

The key advise from Marco’s speech tonight was: Keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, even after early growth and success. Audibene moved several times as their number of employees grew faster than expected, the next move is scheduled for December - but the company still runs without budget plans and an organizational structure. „Getting rid of corporatism“ is an official topic at management discussions and helps to attract skilled employees with entrepreneurial thinking.

Revenue development is important, it makes you relevant!

Audibene’s valuation increased in recent years hand in hand with the generated revenue. Thank you for another interesting speech at WHU!