Mahesh Ramasubramanian talking about virtual reality and his thoughts on it!

Virtual Reality is a growing industry and every year new technologies are invented. It's not a surprise that many founders see their chance in the Virtual Reality business. One of these businesses is LoomAi from Mahesh Ramasubramanian.

Coming from Dreamworks Mahesh Ramasubramanian is a real insider in animation technology and digitizing characters. With LoomAi he is making the next step forward towards his vision: “Get real people's likeness into Virtual Reality, meet online with digital characters, and enable this with fully automated computer vision technology.”

With his company he wants to create characters being “recognizable, customizable and evolving” Just by using a photo the program is able to create an 3D avatar, unique and customized to your face within seconds. The avatar is devided into several parts like mouth or eyes, making it possible to move in an realistic ways. Using templates the customers are even able to show their expressions directly by seeing other customer avatars in their VR headsets.

“Every person needs a personalized digital version of oneself in the digital world – a visual identity”

Mahesh dreams of everyone having such a VR headset and a digital avatar to interact with each other in the virtual world. With an visual digital Identity parts of the social interaction could move from the streets into our houses and a new era of social life would be created.