„Today you have the most powerful and free toolset in human history - use it“ - Frank Thelen

Frank Thelen is Germany’s best known investor on stage. Today we had the pleasure to welcome him here at this year’s IdeaLab! conference where he talked about the next disrupting industries that are going to change the lives of each and everyone of us!

„Never go below zero“

At first Frank summarized his story of founding ip.labs and how he experienced the rise of the internet and the digitalization. 

„We live in very interesting times where things change dramatically“

He then proceeded to explain the paradigm shifts we are about to experience like the change from gas powered cars to pure electric ones and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. You could really feel his enthusiasm when he told about driving to work in his Tesla and being able to write E-Mails half of the time, because autonomous driving and big data are on the rise. It doesn’t surprise when he says that „Google Maps beats every driver“!

Besides those two examples blockchain, zero knowledge and exponential growth are leading to an evolution of technology, which can create a better world. Paired with a better venture capital availability this will change the world as we know it.

Thereby he is proud to announce that „Today you have the most powerful and free toolset in human history - use it“.