Daniel Krauss CIO Flix Co-Founder Idealab WHU
Daniel Krauss Co-Founder & CIO at Flix Idealab WHU Startup

Daniel Krauss

Co-Founder & CIO at Flix

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About Daniel Krauss

As Chief Information Officer at Flix, Daniel Krauss manages the company's technology and HR. Together with his co-founders, he developed Flix as an international transport provider. Krauss is also an investor and member of advisory boards such as powercloud, Cloudflight and uvex. He is convinced that education, entrepreneurship, and innovation can substantially advance humanity. He is a lecturer at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg and a founding partner of the FightBack initiative, which promotes change towards a more sustainable society. He is also an active shareholder in Germany's largest NGO for entrepreneurial education, Startup Teens.