Dr. Ricardo Schäfer
Dr. Ricardo Schäfer

Dr. Ricardo Schäfer

Partner at Target Global

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About Dr. Ricardo Schäfer

Ricardo joined Target Global in 2020 as a Partner in its Early Stage strategy. Over this time he has led over a dozen investments in companies including Revolut, Kuda and Fintecture.


Prior to joining Target, Ricardo founded Loric Ventures, an early stage investment vehicle that backed companies including Revolut, Habito, Planradar, Maven Clinic and many others. He was previously a member of Seedcamp's investment team, a Venture Partner at Cherry Ventures and on the M&A team at Merrill Lynch.  He was a founding investor of WeGotPOP, a workforce platform for the film and tv production industry which was later acquired by Entertainment Partners, and continues to be an active angel investor in companies across Europe and the Emerging Markets.

Ricardo holds a PhD in Economics and Social Studies from FAU Nürnberg-Erlangen and a Diploma in Economics from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.