Ben Litzinger

Ben Litzinger

Head of Participants & Communication

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Tell us something about your way to IdeaLab!

Greetings! I hold the role of Head of Participants & Communication, where my responsibilities revolve around being the primary representative and point of contact for all our participants. Acting as a bridge between our talented participants and cultivating partnerships with universities, entrepreneurship centers, and startup networks has proven to be an exciting and fulfilling journey. My time at IdeaLab! is perfectly aligned with my passion for nurturing innovation and fostering connections, making it a truly rewarding experience.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I find a balance between staying active and nurturing my creative side. Sports like Handball and hitting the gym help me keep fit and focused. On the flip side, I'm deeply passionate about music and spend time honing my skills on the piano, drums, and saxophone. Alongside my musical pursuits, I dabble in programming, with Python and R being my current companions for various personal projects. These diverse interests not only keep life engaging but also contribute to the innovative spirit we value at IdeaLab!.

What is your favorite animal?

The orca is my favorite animal because of its remarkable intelligence and strong sense of community, qualities that resonate with IdeaLab!'s collaborative and innovative spirit. These characteristics, seen in orcas' ability to work together and adapt to changing environments, can inspire and enhance our team's problem-solving and creative processes.

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