Benedikt Conze

Benedikt Conze

Head of International Events

Get to know Benedikt

Tell us something about your way to IdeaLab!

I'm Benedikt and I organize the Satellite Events at IdeaLab!. Satellite Events are smaller, intimate events, taking place throughout the year in cities such as Munich, Berlin or London. IdeaLab! was one of my fundamental reasons to study at WHU, as it kept astonishing me how 12 students organize one of Europe's biggest student-run Startup Events. I've not regretted my decision and look forward to the main event.

What do you do in your free time?

I change activities to pursue very often, thus you will find me biking to Venice one week and building a wooden bench another. Fundamentally, it's probably all about creating something, be it memories, benches, or friends. That's why seeing how so many people are keen to attend IdeaLab! is incredible to watch.

What is your favorite animal?

I'm a big fan of Elephants. They eat the whole day, only stay in small groups, and are extremely loyal to those around them. I could not wish for more.

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