Daniel Kourie

Daniel Kourie

Head of Marketing & Public Relations

About Daniel

Tell us something about your way to IdeaLab!

Hey there, I'm Daniel, the Head of Marketing and Public Relations at IdeaLab! together with Lenny. I was instantly drawn to this dynamic event because of my passion for the startup world and the allure of orchestrating an event for over 700 people. Being part of this incredible team has allowed me to hone not just my creative and strategic skills, but also my ability to effectively communicate with our partners and present our vision.

The projects I'm particularly proud of include crafting the website, conceptualizing the design for our posts, and establishing our brand identity through CI, internal and external presentations. Each of these projects has not just contributed to IdeaLab!'s success but also helped me evolve on both personal and professional fronts.

Looking forward to making IdeaLab! resonate with you just as it does with me!

What do you do in your free time?

When I'm not busy with university commitments or steering the Marketing and Public Relations at IdeaLab!, you'll find me engaged in a diverse set of activities. From hitting the gym to delving deep into the design world, my interests are both physical and intellectual. I'm particularly captivated by new innovations and entrepreneurship—a fascination that complements my role at IdeaLab! beautifully. I often channel this interest into exploring disruptive technologies like generative AI and honing my skills in 3D modeling, even building websites and creating 2D and 3D designs in my spare time.

A bit of trivia about me: I practiced Karate for over eight years and was a pioneer in one of Berlin's first Quidditch teams. These experiences not only honed my competitive spirit but also instilled in me a sense of teamwork and discipline, which I carry into all my endeavors.

What is your favorite animal?

And if you're curious about my favorite animal, it's the tiger. This majestic creature embodies strength, precision, and independence—qualities that I admire and influence how I approach my work and personal life. The tiger serves as a powerful symbol for striving towards goals with focus and determination, something I aim to emulate in my role at IdeaLab! and beyond.

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