Lianh Hahlen

Lianh Hahlen

Head of Sponsoring & Partners

About Lianh

Tell us something about your way to IdeaLab!

Hello everybody, my name is Lianh and I'm Head of Sponsoring & Partners at IdeaLab! WHU Founders' Conference. My responsibility is to acquire new partners and take care of existing partners. I'm always eager to form new connections and love how supportive the German startup ecosystem is. The topic that IdeaLab! addresses truly aligns with my personal interests and ambitions. Being part of the IdeaLab! team has helped me develop on a personal and professional level. I can't wait to welcome you at our conference in October!

What do you do in your free time?

Besides my academic career and my engagement at IdeaLab! I love to be around my family and my friends. I also enjoy going on a run to clear my head. It creates a good balance between uni, my work at IdeaLab and my free time.

What is your favorite animal?

Without a doubt, my favorite animal is my dachshund "Lotta". Her endearing charm, distinctive appearance, and unwavering loyalty makes her a true delight. Despite her small stature, Lotta possess a boundless spirit and a determination that reminds me to persevere in the face of challenges. Her playful antics and affectionate nature bring joy to every moment, serving as a reminder to find happiness in life's simplest pleasures. With her companionship, every day becomes an opportunity to share love, laughter, and a genuine connection that warms the heart.

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